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Contributed by: Rachel Masters

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Published on: September 19, 2016


The Russell McVeagh leadership programme. It is a six month programme with 12 partners per intake and includes a two day retreat, five workshops, regular coaching and trio work. It has been structured to include elements of both authentic and transformational leadership, the work of Carol Dweck on Growth Mindsets, and cutting-edge research from McKinsey and Harvard about the character, qualities and capabilities of leaders required for our era. The intention behind the programme is to support and embed our existing diversity work, to build our culture, to lift engagement, enhance performance and support our employer brand in both the attraction and retention of our talent.

Pip Greenwood, Partner, said, "Our leadership programme is unlike anything we've run in the past. It is about emotional leadership and forging authentic connections with the rest of the partnership, our teams and also our clients. It has the potential to transform our culture for the better".

We have been impressed at the partner commitment to the programme and their willingness to engage with the content and then act on it. We hear comments back from our staff which shows they are also noticing the changes and that is what makes this such a successful programme.

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