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Published on: March 24, 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds it brings with it uncertainty and many new challenges for all businesses. In these unprecedented times, we want to help you navigate through the legal implications – here you will find all of our latest COVID-19 insights and key contacts listed below.




Release Date

Responsible lending in the context of COVID-19 challenges

The Commerce Commission has issued guidance for lenders in relation to their responsible lending obligations in the current circumstances.

3 April

Changes to Companies Act to support businesses

The Government has announced temporary changes to the Companies Act 1993, in an effort to support businesses facing insolvency as a result of COVID-19.

3 April

Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19

For businesses suffering losses who will be considering whether they can make claims under their insurance policies for business interruption.

3 April

Watching Brief – COVID-19 Special Edition

How Parliament is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

31 March

Electronic Signatures: Using technology to minimise COVID-19 business disruption for contracts

Signing contracts which would normally be signed by wet-ink signature can be executed entirely by electronic means.

30 March

Timeframes shift for financial services reforms

MBIE has amended existing timeframes for compliance with new legislation and for providing submissions on proposed legislation.

27 March

The Government and Commission indicate a "flexible" approach to competition law

The Government and Commission indicate a "flexible" approach to competition law.

23 March

Coronavirus and crisis cartels

It is a common misconception that competition law recognises economic crises, or a declared state of emergency, as a defence. In fact, cartels that have been prosecuted by regulators were more likely to arise during periods of economic shock, recession or economic distress.

18 March

Government announces economic response package to Coronavirus

The Government has announced the first stage of its economic response package to COVID-19.

17 March

Travel restrictions: Key legal considerations

Key legal considerations that you might need to think through due to travel restrictions.

15 March

Contractual performance amidst a global outbreak

Efforts to contain the spread of the virus such as quarantines, travel restrictions and bans are creating a second – economic – crisis by disrupting global supply chains, which critically depend on the free flow of goods and people. 

20 Feburary


Key contacts:

Employment & Health and Safety: Kylie Dunn or Emma Peterson
Review key contracts: Will IrvingKirsten Massey, or Marika Eastwick-Field
Continuous disclosure & Shareholder meetings: David Raudkivi or Ian Beaumont
Liquidity/insolvency/directors’ duties: Matt Kersey or Polly Pope
Insurance (Business interruption and Travel): Marika Eastwick-Field
Regulators: Will Irving or Kirsten Massey
Competition: Sarah Keene or Troy Pilkington
Public Law and Regulation: Craig Shrive or Tim Clarke
Tax: Brendan Brown or Fred Ward


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